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About Saucam

Śaucam means Cleanliness or Purity, not only in mind and body but in one’s dealings also. Bhagavad-gita As It Is Chapter 16.1-3. A couple of years ago the five founders of Saucam had a dream, a dream of an India where every girl child reaches school and completes her basic education.

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Happiness Doesn’t Result From What We Get But From What We Give.


having a dream of helping children get a good basic school education, lead a healthy childhood and grow responsible citizens.

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to achieve our Vision and to make it lasting and sustainable, we hope to do our bit to Ensure conditions in schools.

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We believe we have what it takes to make a dent because of certain values that we have ingrained in us, i.e Empathy

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This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in

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The Gursale experience has been an eye-opener for both the NGO and the villagers. They could both see first hand the immeasurable advantages of cooperation and working towards a common goal.

Mrs. Tendulkar , Social worker

Pale in Thane district is a shocking example of the very backward state of school education and general well-being in so many neglected parts of India. It is so close to Mumbai, but is in terms of development, so much in the past. Saucam has made a good beginning here.

Nitin Gangurde, freelance features writer

Pale needs education, not just for the children, but for their parents who live in a time-warp. Saucam needs all help in their endeavor to bring water and solar power to these school clusters

Murali Raman, independent observer