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Saucam means Cleanliness or Purity, not only in mind and body but in one’s dealings also (Bhagavat Gita 16.1-3). A couple of years ago the five founders of Saucam had a dream, a dream of an India where every girl child reaches school and completes her basic education. Unfortunately, the girl child has always been neglected, at home, school and at her work place.We at Saucam, strongly feel that an educated girl is the foundation of an educated family, which in turn leads to a self-sufficient and happy family, resulting in happy and content communities.

We have a dream of helping children Get Good basic school education, lead a healthy childhood and grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow resulting in an India where every child in every village has a smile on her face, hope in the mind, dreams in the heart and wings to fly.

To achieve our Vision and to make it lasting and sustainable, we hope to do our bit to

  • Ensure conditions in schools, primarily in rural areas, that are conducive to study and play
  • Bring about basic hygiene in these schools and environs and imbibe the same in all the stakeholders
  • Educate local communities and launch initiatives to improve the livelihood of the villagers at large which will have both immediate and long-lasting impact.
  • Sensitize more people, philanthropists and NGOs to help the Govt agencies achieve their targets and convert the current state efforts into a community project. Our intention is to convert our initiative into a movement that will have its own legs and wheels and make the statement `India lives in its villages’ a happy and happening reality.

We believe we have what it takes to make a dent because of certain values that we have ingrained in us:

  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Determination
  • Fire

We derive inspiration from the following quote

“This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

With our stated vision in mind we got together and registered Saucam Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization with the express intention of helping the girl child get basic school education and sustaining the efforts to ensure completion of this education. While executing our maiden project, we realized that our initiatives at the child level has a corollary and a larger impact on the community and village at large, as the School is an extremely important element in the lives of the villagers.