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The Birth of Saucam

A couple of years ago the five founders of Saucam had a dream, a dream of an India where every girl child reaches school and completes her basic education. Unfortunately, the girl child has always been neglected, at home, school and at her work place.

The problem is more acute in rural India leading to a number of school dropouts. We at Saucam, strongly feel that an educated girl is the foundation of an educated family, which in turn leads to a self-sufficient and happy family, resulting in happy and content communities.

With our stated vision in mind we got together and registered Saucam Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization with the express intention of helping the girl child get basic school education and sustaining the efforts to ensure completion of this education. While executing our maiden project, we realized that our initiatives at the child level has a corollary and a larger impact on the community and village at large, as the School is an extremely important element in the lives of the villagers.

The Team

S. Vishvanathan

CA, is an Entrepreneur in the Technology & Fintech space, soccer crazy, marathon runner, nature lover with a zest for trekking and adventure sports.

S. Kailasanathan

Chartered Accountant , Financial Consultant, teacher with a passion for maths, half marathon runner and avid music lover.

Kumar Srivatsa

Consultant, Finance, Strategy & Planning, he’s a B.Com graduate with 40 years’ experience in accounts & finance in a couple of corporates

Surjit R Chari

B E mechanical, he is an engineer / entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in the engineering industry.

Shivaram Subramaniam

A management graduate with two decades of experience in the financial markets. Gave up his corporate job to pursue his passion of wildlife photography