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At Saucam, we are trying to do all we can with our own limited resources but feel that additional funds from well-wishers can hasten the speed of transformation in many parts of rural and urban/semi-urban India.

To address this problem, in the next phase, we plan to modernize facilities not only at these schools but also in the process of identifying schools in urban areas so that the untapped talent pool available in India fully realizes its potential.

From all our well-wishers what we look forward to , are contributions in any form possible.

Of course, monetary contributions are always welcome but if any of you could help with any inputs, like sponsoring solar panels or helping in rainwater harvesting, imparting soft skills, counselling villagers and the community at large, it would go a long way in furthering our cause.

Donate online

Click on this button to contribute online. Any amount is welcome.

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A case in point is the Pale hamlet where liquor consumption amongst the population is of alarming proportions. Educating and sensitization outreach programs are necessary to help parents set a good example to their children, as well as to encourage them to get their children to complete their education.

Other ways to Donate

1. Please forward your contributions to: Saucam Foundation, 202, Sagar Avenue, S.V. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058.

2. Alternatively, funds can also be transferred directly to our Bank Account, details as under:

Name: Saucam Foundation, Bank: ICICI Bank, Ground Floor, Sagar Avenue, S.V. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058,
Account Number: 001105025893,IFSC CODE: ICIC0000011.

Looking forward to your healthy contributions for this noble cause.


You can join the team on sensitization visits, help liaise with locals when necessary, take up teaching assignments in the short or long term, contribute material.

A few things that volunteers can do in the 11 schools at Pale for a specific period:

  • English Speaking
  • Vocational Training
    1. Paper Art  2. Pottery  3. Painting  4. Carpentry  5. Computer